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Humble Beginnings

FireBase - our first software package developed for the CA Fire Service was DOS-basedSplash screen of Sierra Nevada Software's FireBase Software





We had a short stint of Pascal and Visual Basic programming for Windows

Access database developemnt programs

Then made a full transition to Windows-based database development with Microsoft ACCESS

About Us  

Sierra Nevada Software was founded in 1989 to answer the request by local Nevada County fire chiefs for software meeting the criteria for the newly implemented computerized California Fire Incidence Reporting System (CFIRS) by California's Fire Marshall's Office. The computerized system that was to replace the traditional paper-based system was quite unique and nothing "off-the-shelf" could be massaged to meet the need. We soon had fire service clients all over the state. Within a year over 70 companies had joined the ranks attempting to write incident reporting software. It proved to be a daunting task. By the end of the next year we were one of only a small handful of companies remaining that were able to actually produce a marketable product.

In these early years computers were still a novelty to the fire service. Many departments did not even have a computer or personnel who knew how to use them. Along with requests for software we received numerous requests for complete computer systems, quality hardware upgrades and computer operation assistance and training for fire service personnel, expanding the scope of our mission from primarily software writing to a full spectrum of services.

Today nearly every household, business, library and school has at least one computer, if not several, along with tablets, cell phones and other electronic data access and storage devices, all linked through a web of interconnectivity. Over the last two decades, as our reputation for quality service grew, our clientele has expanded beyond our fire service roots to support our community. We have been employed to write custom-software for private and public businesses, won bids to supply large computer systems to county agencies, and been hired on to maintain the network of computers and printers for local real estate companies.

Although the computing needs of our clients and community are in constant flux, our commitment to providing the best service possible has not wavered. We strive to build long-term relationships with happy, satisfied customers. Our philosophy has been and always will be to treat each single person, small business, or community service center as we would like to be treated ourselves: to do what is most right in trying to help someone.