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Viruses can sneak onto even the most vigilant computer

  • Scan your registry, identify infected files
  • Remove viruses, malware, adware, spyware, and key loggers
  • Repair infection-damaged files
  • Install virus/malware protection
Viruses and malicious software lurks in the shadows of the Internet, hides out on unsuspected web pages and attaches itself to seemingly innocent email, laying in wait to destroy unprotected computers. Malware can capture your credit card numbers and passwords and send them off to identity thieves. Adware can inundate you with unsolicited advertisements. If your system is running slow and sluggish, programs are refusing to open, or you are rerouted to unintended web pages, your computer may be infected. Sierra Nevada Software can quickly and efficiently identify and remove unwanted viruses and malware using the latest removal tools, restore damaged files, install and setup virus/malware protection software, and help you avoid future infections.

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A slow computer may simply need a tune-up

  • Remove temporary files and unwanted programs
  • Defragment the hard drive
  • Check file system integrity and clean the registry
  • Update operating system and virus protection programs
  • Pressure clean computer interior
Just like a busy office, a busy computer can buildup clutter: excess files, outdates programs, and lost data fragments. Over time the burden can cause a computer bog down, affecting processing speed and computer efficiency. Sierra Nevada Software can help extend the life of your computer. An old computer can often be restored to its former peppy self with a thorough tune-up. We will remove the clutter, update your operating system files and pressure clean the dust and lint buildup from the inner workings of your machine.

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Sometime a fresh start in unavoidable

  • Attempt restore point restoration
  • Remove damaged, corrupted files and programs
  • Write zeros to hard drive and reformat hard drive
  • Reinstall Operating System files, Reset factory settings
  • Reinstall additional software, Adobe Reader, Java
Misinstalled programs, viruses, and corrupted data can damage a computer's operating system. Restoration from a previously saved Restore Point may correct the damage, but when the damage is too extensive it may be necessary to restore the system files to its "out-of-the-box" from the factory settings. We make every effort to preserve your data prior to restoration and if full factory reset is unavoidable, will work closely with you to reinstall additional software and return your system to a properly functioning state.

Note: Restoration of system files may require original operating system and program file software disks and key codes

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Data management is at the heart of your computer system

  • Data transfer
  • Emergency backup of data
  • Custom database design
  • Access database programming
  • Microsoft Outlook help
Has technology program disk space needs outgrown your current hard drive capacity? Are you a small business looking for a custom designed database application? Do you want to use Outlook to manage your contact lists and email? Sierra Nevada Software will use the latest technology to safely and efficiently transfer your file system from an old drive to a new one; backup your data files, work with you to design custom spreadsheets and databases as well as Access database management applications, and assist you in tailoring Microsoft Outlook to efficiently find contact and email information.

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Don't panic! your data may still be recoverable

  • Data Recovery from corrupted operating system
  • Data Recovery from erased or reformatted hard drive
  • Data Recovery from damaged hard drive
  • Data Recovery from external storage devices
Viruses can corrupt your data, as can mis-installed programs. Sometimes data is mistakenly erased, or a hard drive fails making it difficult or impossible to access your information. We use the latest technology to recover your lost data. In many cases it is possible to recover data from a reformatted hard drive, an old and outdated computer, or other deliberately erased data sources. We may even be able to recover data from a burned up computer, one that has suffered fire or water damage, or even a dead cell phone

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Let us help you get connected

  • Home, small, and medium office networks
  • Wired and wireless design/installation
  • Troubleshoot existing networking system
  • Network computers, printers, Faxes, laptops, and more
Whether you are a small to medium-sized business with many computers, printers, and peripheral devices or a household with just a couple personal computers, network sharing allows for convenient file sharing and data management. If you do not yet have a network in place Sierra Nevada Software can help design a network system to best meet your needs, or if you already have a network in place that does not seem to functioning at optimal capacity we can help diagnose and resolve your networking issues.
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When you need the power of data sharing and the convenience of mobility

  • Setup new wireless networks
  • Integrate wired and wireless networks
  • Configure wireless devices
  • Troubleshoot existing wireless system problems
Portable computers and WiFi, shared printers and versatility of cable-less connections have made wireless networking desirable and necessary. Whether you need help connecting your notebook to your existing router, allowing multiple computer access to a wireless printer, or wish to eliminate messy cables by implementing wireless routers, keyboards and mice we can assist you with your wireless networking needs.


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There's more to "getting on the Web" than simply opening a browser

  • Setup modem, router, Internet accounts, initiate connectivity
  • IP addressing, gateways and firewalls
  • Evaluate upload and download connectivity issues
  • Setup and troubleshooting email issues
An array of internal settings must be set correctly within your computer in order to safely connect to the Internet. These setting tell your computer how to connect to the Internet, how pages are displayed and what information is allowed onto your system from the Internet. Whether you are looking for assistance in setting up Internet access for the first time, or have found your system is having difficulty displaying pages or have issues with download speeds, Sierra Nevada Software can help diagnose your Internet connectivity issues.

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An increase in memory can breathe new life into an old computer

  • Test memory integrity
  • Determine memory/motherboard compatibility
  • Install proper memory modules
  • Memory upgrade decktops, notebooks, memory sticks, SD cards
Every operating system update and new software installation required more and more memory. The latest spectacular computer game demands a great amount of fast memory. Such demands can quickly bog down a computer as it ages. Simply increasing the memory can greatly improve the performance of most computers and notebooks. We can help you determine the memory capabilities of your system, purchase and install expanded memory modules, and identify if a computer's performance is due to low memory or a memory module with integrity issues. We can also help you with selection of portable memory, including thumb drives and SD cards, and install compatible card readers.

Note: Memory installation requires breakage of factory seals, and may void factory warranties, if still in effect

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Sometimes it is not necessary to replace your entire computer.

  • Motherboard and CPU upgrade
  • Replace slow or damaged CD/DVD-ROMs
  • Upgrade to larger internal or external hard drive
  • Video cards, Card readers, Power supplies, and more
Whether it is a single component in your computer that has failed, need a fast video card with more video RAM for the latest computer game, or need only to upgrade your computer's motherboard and wish to be environmentally conscientious, Sierra Nevada Software will work with you to determine the best component to meet your needs. We will purchase the components and give you a fair price, install and test the components to ensure complete compatibility in your system and that the components perform to your satisfaction.

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We can help you integrate your digital world

  • Printer and FAX setup, print driver installation
  • External hard drives, backup systems, mapped drives
  • Tablet, smart phone interfacing
  • Flash drives, memory cards, digital camera and photo management
The digital world is not just the computer, mouse, and keyboard any more. A menagerie of electronic devices have expanded and enhanced our computing experience. From tables to smart phones there are now many options in data access and information processing. Whether you simply need assistance with printer or FAX setup or integration of your computer with your tablet or digital camera, Sierra Nevada can help make seamless communication between all your peripheral devices possible. We can also assist you in selecting the best printer or external drive to meet your computer needs, setup systems for photo management and external storage, and knowledgeable selection of SD cards and flash drives.

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Have a need for password assistance?

  • Forgotten passwords
  • Lost product registration codes
  • Network security encryption
  • Internet login and username
Whether you need the removal of a system-level or software-level password, recovery of lost product keys and registration codes, setup of user passwords for multi-user systems, or installation of Internet or network router security paaswords Sierra Nevada Software will use the latest technology to meet your password security needs. Whether we work on site or you drop off your computer, your passwords and protected information will always remain confidential.

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Sierra Nevada Software has many more services to offer

  • Computer Consulting
  • Computer Forensics and Data Recovery
  • New Computer Setup
  • Windows Operating system, Microsoft Office/Outlook
  • High Pressure Cleaning Computer(at our facility)
Sierra Nevada Software offers a wide range of services. From computer consulting, operating system assistance, to computer set up and computer forensics. If you don't see the service you are looking for under the categories above, chances are we can still help you with your computing needs. Give us a call, the initial phone consultation is free. Arrange an appointment to meet us at your facilities or drop by ours.